☀️ For Belesama 🌬

Luminous Belesama, solar-formed,
bearing bright nourishment,
I pray to you, O Goddess of light and water.
Your crown is the gleaming solar corona,
your celestial garments the solar wind.
You mark out the heliopause’s boundary.
Fluid, dynamic, dancing within and above,
you strike the atmospheres, cascading auroras.
You mingle with life-bringing water.
You bring the intelligible summits
into pregnant contact with each world
while yourself remaining immaculate and pure.
You crown wisdom, uniting ink and insight.
You flow forth every sign partial souls trace up,
dazzling us, unifying us, entrancing us.
May you, Great Goddess, accept this prayer.

“Water-Glass Shadow on White Table in Bright Sunlight,” photo by Jill Burrow on Pexels.com

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