New to Polytheism?

Note: You may want to start here with the definition of Hellenistic Syncretic Polytheism. Many of these pages can be useful to people operating in a variety of religious contexts, though. I also have a post about developing a personal learning plan that you may wish to consult.

Ritual and Practice Basics

Just Do It
Yes, you can still worship the Gods without feeling a special calling to devote yourself to one of them.

What You Can Do in 10-15 Minutes
The best way to make a habit of cultus is to be prepared and have a plan.

The Value of a Minimalist Approach to Shrines
Everything on a shrine needs to be taken care of.

Household Worship, Brass-Tacks Style
This is a how-to, no-nonsense guide to what you need for daily ritual — for any budget.

Offerings in the City
Make sure you can properly dispose of what you offer.

Purification and How We Talk About It
A discussion of purification and its importance, ranging from differences in terminology to how to do it.

Mindset, Philosophy, and Theology

God Against the Gods: Still a Great Intro Read
People can come into polytheism with misconceptions. Here is a great starting place to help.

How Sallust Got Me Here
Some sections of “On the Gods and the Cosmos” quoted with illustrations.

Sallust, Part II: Remixing ON THE GODS AND THE WORLD XV
On why we honor the Gods, with illustrations.

Sallust: On the Gods and the Worlds V
Concerning the First Cause, with some added illustrations.

I Read Iamblichus’ ON THE MYSTERIES in a Laundromat and You Can, Too
Let the Divine Iamblichus’ words (in translation) wash over you.

PIE in the Sky: Interpretatio and Divine Uncertainty
Many Gods cross-culturally might be the same, but then again, they may not be. Exercise due caution and keep things contextual.

Good luck with getting started. May the Gods grant you happiness.