New to Polytheism?

Note: I strongly suggest starting here with the definition of Hellenistic Syncretic Polytheism. Many of these pages can be useful to people operating in a variety of religious contexts, though. I also have a post about developing a personal learning plan that you may wish to consult.

Ritual and Practice Basics

Just Do It
Yes, you can still worship the Gods without feeling a special calling to devote yourself to one of them.

What You Can Do in 10-15 Minutes
The best way to make a habit of cultus is to be prepared and have a plan.

The Value of a Minimalist Approach to Shrines
Everything on a shrine needs to be taken care of.

Household Worship, Brass-Tacks Style
This is a how-to, no-nonsense guide to what you need for daily ritual — for any budget.

Offerings in the City
Make sure you can properly dispose of what you offer.

Purification and How We Talk About It
A discussion of purification and its importance, ranging from differences in terminology to how to do it.

Three Prayers to All of the Gods
This is a free ePub, mobi, or PDF download of three prayers to all of the Gods for use in simple ritual.

How to Find a Patron God
Everywhere you go, people seem to be talking about patron Gods, and — at first glance — it may look like everyone has one. This post explains different types of patronage.

Instructions for Beginning
A poem describing how to get into honoring the lunar Goddesses through the physical presence of the Moon.

Mindset, Philosophy, and Theology

God Against the Gods: Still a Great Intro Read
People can come into polytheism with misconceptions. Here is a great starting place to help.

How Sallust Made me a Hellenist
Some sections of “On the Gods and the Cosmos” quoted with illustrations.

Sallust, Part II: Remixing ON THE GODS AND THE WORLD XV
On why we honor the Gods, with illustrations.

Sallust: On the Gods and the Worlds V
Concerning the First Cause, with some added illustrations.

I Read Iamblichus’ ON THE MYSTERIES in a Laundromat and You Can, Too
Let the Divine Iamblichus’ words (in translation) wash over you.

PIE in the Sky: Interpretatio and Divine Uncertainty
Many Gods cross-culturally might be the same, but then again, they may not be. Exercise due caution and keep things contextual.

From Plato, There Is No Escape
A collection of quotations from Platonists on interpreting Greek myths, especially the challenges posed by inspired poets when their inspiration hits their cultural upbringings.

Every Goddess Is Good
In myths, many Goddesses seem fearsome and less-than-good. However, every God is good … so how can we reconcile these two things? This post uses comparative theology to propose some solutions.

Praying to a God, Religious Identity, and Boundaries
You can pray to a God without changing your religious identity, and this is part of having healthy boundaries.

Some Brief Words on Platonic Forms
Offhand remarks about the Forms are common in popular culture, but what are the Forms exactly? This post attempts to clarify misconceptions and illumine how Platonism approaches them.

Good luck with getting started. May the Gods grant you happiness.