Purification and How We Talk About It

Note: This page has been superseded by an open access online book I wrote for people just getting started with honoring Gods. Please visit https://kayeofswords.github.io/soulsinnerstatues/ and view the chapter "Purification." Continue reading if you want information on miasma/lyma and the terms' modern jargon usage. Today is a purification day, so it's the perfect time to … Continue reading Purification and How We Talk About It

To Eris

On the occasion of the fifth day of the lunar month.¹ 🌒 Lady of blades and of apples, of stratagems devised in retribution, the clashes of bronze are yours, strong words at marriage-feasts, this cycle of anxious rewording. Daughter of Night, your insatiable will drives all things into mixture, as bright oil meets opaque water. You … Continue reading To Eris