Athene, Dancing

In the Philosophical History, Damascius writes that he saw an agalma of Aphrodite in armor and that the image struck him. I had a similar, much less intense experience recently when I came across this secular-function image of Athene, La Danse Triomphale, created in 1925 by Carlo Sarrabezolles. The plaque on the image's base reads, … Continue reading Athene, Dancing

Apollon, Abiding

As night deepens her caresses, as the sun inflectssouthward, each decline of lightbrings with it sudden shock, a yearningfor illumination now sunk beneath the western rocks.In the inky sweetness of fast-descending night,I am torn in two, hungering for summerwhile yearning for the lightlessness to yawn deeperbecause within myself I feel the stir of light.Somehow a … Continue reading Apollon, Abiding