Hello! This is Kaye. I’m a Hellenic Polytheist, a cis femme lesbian (she/her/Ms), and someone who does creative writing and library science.

You will also see me refer to individuals whose gender I am not confident about with le/lim/ler/lers/limself. That is not a typo.1

How I Worship

These are the gods I worship a lot:

  • Athene and Hermes: My professional patrons. They have their own shrine.
  • Apollon, Mnemosyne, and the Mousai: Creativity, some aspects of my professional or writing work.
  • Erinyes: Yup. I worship them. They have a special shrine.

I also have a main shrine (for all gods), a place for Zeus Ktesios, and a space to do offerings to Hermes, Hekate, and Apollon Agyieus.

Hermes and Apollon are the gods I am most devoted to right now, although I have a special (mostly non-devotional outside of prayers to the Nine) affinity for the Muse Ourania. Hermes is a guide and a friend, and he is the god to whom I pray for my creative writing (but I obviously pray to Apollon, Mnemosyne, and the Mousai, too) because it is a deeply Hermetic epic. ♨️

I also worship the Egyptian goddess Seshat, Mistress of the House of Books, and I do some worship of my Scandi and Québécois ancestors. This blog primarily focuses on Hellenism, so I won’t often talk about either of those here, but I am a Hellenized Hyperborean.

Last of all, there’s a small digital shrine space that I built up a long time ago for Rhea-Kybele, as it seemed important to give the Great Mother some space online. It’s a small virtual temple, but feel free to leave inscriptions there for her.

A Brief History

This blog used to live on Blogger. I have been a Hellenist since January 2008, and I started blogging shortly after moving into Hellenism from generic Western Neopaganism, joining the first crop (so to speak) of Hellenists who engaged in blogging. At that time, most activity was happening on Yahoo listservs.

Previously, I apostatized from Christianity when I was in the fourth grade to worship Bastet. My family left Christianity for Unitarian Universalism and UU-infused Paganism when I was in fifth grade. (Thank you, Bastet!) Gradually, I centered on worshipping Mnemosyne and Apollon, and I spent a lot of time in my teens working through more advanced, non-initiatory Wiccan books by authors like Christopher Penczak. I wrote one of my college entrance exam essays for Smith College on the delights of my senior year at the Quincy, IL, Unitarian Universalist Society because our RE instructor decided to teach us philosophy, it was the first time I actually enjoyed RE, and everything we read was way better than the advanced Llewellyn books I had been waffling through until that point and I caught a bit of a bug.

In 2007, I was a co-chair of the Association of Smith [College] Pagans (ASP), a non-initiatory Wiccan group, and I continued doing that from 2008-2009 during my senior year of college despite converting to Hellenism. The college group disbanded a few years after I left, which isn’t a surprise because leadership positions in a Neopagan group while in college take away from résumé space that can be used for leadership activities that will not lead to prospective employers throwing your application out due to being in an NRM. Part of why I went to Smith College was the existence of ASP, as I did not want to be at a school where I had no coreligionist peers. I’ve had a lot of non-ASP leadership experience in secular contexts (library science organizations and my day job) since then.

Today, I am mostly religiously active on this blog or on Twitter, although I am a member of Hellenion (note: I don’t speak for them, although I just got elected to the Boule). I stopped using Facebook in late 2016, and I’m looking to get some local community started via a Meetup.com group. To me, local community with ties to others beyond it seems much more sustainable than continuing to exist solely in virtual spaces, and I adhere to digital minimalist positions similar to those espoused in Cal Newport’s book Digital Minimalism, with the caveat that not all of us are so lucky as to have local community.

My Goals with KALLISTI: Essays

In the previous iteration of KALLISTI, I had hundreds of posts dating from when I was 20 to the present. My ideas have shifted a lot since then, and this is a great opportunity to share my current thoughts on Hellenism and polytheism without having to account for ideas I had when I was 20 that I no longer have at 31.

On this blog, I plan to share personal practice anecdotes. Some are serious examples of Having My Shit Together. There are also anecdotes from my youth (because I grew up Neopagan/polytheist), some of which are funny. We take ourselves way too seriously in the polytheistic blogosphere, and it’s important to describe the fuckups alongside the cool shit we do. Remember, we are mortal, and it’s not like we all learned how to do a sponde by osmosis.

I will also revisit material that I posted on KALLISTI and update it, prioritizing devotional poetry and things that had lots of hits.


1. I use singular neopronouns (usually ze or le) for gender-neutral persons unless I know someone wants something else. The reason is that I enjoy numerical inflection, which neopronouns preserve, and I want to normalize a range of options. I use singular they when someone tells me to use it for them, but will use le in most other cases.