To Ray-Formed Belesama

Belesama, ray-formed, laughing sunlight,Child of Light and Water, holy Aletheia,compassionate and regal, still and flowing,your crown is the gleaming solar corona,your garments the unmoving light of truth,your adornments the quickening fire of wisdom.You surge forth with the solar wind,you break upon the mountain waters,you take the path through stream and river,you weather away all that … Continue reading To Ray-Formed Belesama

Why I No Longer Call Myself a Hellenic Polytheist

This blog post gets into our desire for authenticity and how self-reflection and being challenged pushed me to confront unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and assumptions over the past few years, culminating in dropping the label Hellenic polytheist in favor of describing myself as theistic — I worship Gods. It uses three interwoven things — the article … Continue reading Why I No Longer Call Myself a Hellenic Polytheist

A New Lunar Month

On the new-sliver Moon,I wipe away the dust of daysthat waned as time swelled,spent incense, and wax drippings.I light the candle hungeringfor the fire to quicken it. I eat chocolate-date rice toastand drink morning matcha and cleanand come to still prayer at lastwhile the summer light brightensthe blinds and plants curl up,my waking too late … Continue reading A New Lunar Month