Welcoming Cats

In my last update, I disclosed that I have adopted two cats. Their names are Ever and Koiya (although my mom will probably call Koiya "Chloe" — that's OK). The names are both shortened versions of their shelter names. It took me a while to think of what to call the amber-eyed one because she … Continue reading Welcoming Cats

Scaffolding Platonic Theurgic Practice: A Primer

When embarking on an undertaking of getting to know Platonism and its commentary tradition, and especially when one is determined to deeply engage in it as one’s primary spiritual path, it can seem like a lot. “Writing is a sea / its reeds are a shore,” as Thoth says in the Conversations in the House of Life scribal initiation text. It takes courage, conviction, and good sense to penetrate into those waters and learn how to swim in them.