A Miscellany of Quotations — Reading Proclus’ Essays 7-10 on the Republic in French

In January 2020, I read the first volume (of three planned) that contains essay-style commentaries that Proclus had written on the Republic of Plato. I am reading the Republic, so it seemed useful to read both simultaneously. Essays 4, 5, and 6 are lovely things; I recommend reading the new translation, which was done by … Continue reading A Miscellany of Quotations — Reading Proclus’ Essays 7-10 on the Republic in French

Happy Anthesteria 2020 (699.3)

Montsechia vidalii. (2017, March 18). Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Retrieved 23:24, February 5, 2020. Cropped photo. This is one of the world's oldest flowering plant fossils. Changes There is no snow this Anthesteria,no struggling walk in half-darkness,only the old decay of late-fall leaves,flocks of black birds fleeing skyward,the air too sticky, the grass yet … Continue reading Happy Anthesteria 2020 (699.3)

To Mnêmosynê

Mnêmosynê of the lake shrouded in darkness star-patterned like Nyx we praise you brimming antilight who swallows harmony down like eternity drifting deep and helixing high words known ideas unuttered knives upon the tongue Time a steady exhalation a swelling deep within reflection without recognition ready to break into song ⛲️

Reflections as the World Falls Apart

all below lustrousan Apamean sun hotdew on fine statuessublimating quickMuses’ faces deep wellspringsa hum a song ruptured sharpTime limself dancesthose ruins half-rememberedcrumbling cornerstonessand whirls in harsh windsall that remains is eclipseda promise a curse rendingwe buried our heartslike Dionysos’ remainsas the temples burnedas we burned with themthey march now on Earth herselfstill the fire roars … Continue reading Reflections as the World Falls Apart