Linking Out to a Few Blog Posts I read, With Some Added Comments

While I rarely ever post link roundups, there are a few posts floating around the blogosphere this week that I think are worthwhile shares (especially now that I'm making an effort to be quieter). First, John Beckett wrote "What to Do When You Make a Mistake in Ritual." It is a useful post because we … Continue reading Linking Out to a Few Blog Posts I read, With Some Added Comments

🦠 Viral Life 🦠

On Thursday, I attended a virtual boot camp for librarians. This year, the faculty presentations were focused on reviews of basic virology and immunology. The virology presentation was very fascinating, and I'd like to discuss it in brief here because I love trees. In Proclus' commentary essays on the Republic, plant life came up, specifically … Continue reading 🦠 Viral Life 🦠

Yes, Let’s Do Post-Recon.

Recently, I read a post on Of Axe and Plough about what happens after reconstructionism (in the "post-recon" environment). The concepts of renovātiō (renewal), resitutiō (restitution), and reparātiō (restoration), which the author applied to considering modern revived polytheism, are a good start and an excellent seed for discussion. From the post: We must then collectively … Continue reading Yes, Let’s Do Post-Recon.

Reflections as the World Falls Apart

all below lustrousan Apamean sun hotdew on fine statuessublimating quickMuses’ faces deep wellspringsa hum a song ruptured sharpTime limself dancesthose ruins half-rememberedcrumbling cornerstonessand whirls in harsh windsall that remains is eclipseda promise a curse rendingwe buried our heartslike Dionysos’ remainsas the temples burnedas we burned with themthey march now on Earth herselfstill the fire roars … Continue reading Reflections as the World Falls Apart