Contemplating Aristonoos’ Compositions for Apollon and Hestia

For the past three days, I have been pondering a few lines from Aristonoos' paian to Apollon, written in a Delphic context, as translated by Furley and Bremer in Greek Hymns: Volume 1 – The Texts in Translation. (I put it in the Thargelia ritual.) The translators say that "Delphi awarded Aristonoos and his descendants … Continue reading Contemplating Aristonoos’ Compositions for Apollon and Hestia

Some Updates

I have three blog post drafts going right now. Two have existed as drafts for longer than expected because they are proving more complicated than originally envisioned. The third is a short thing related to coping with the pandemic, which I will probably delete. This post is better due to being a bit more useful … Continue reading Some Updates

Truth (a poem)

What is this unstirring nectar,the gift we beg receivinga double serpent moving swift,laurel branches rustling,the scent of bay awakening,frankincense oil burning so delicateas if we inhabit a fractal floweropening up in vivid stillnessuntil it flows like that springstruck by Pegasus for the Mousaithat welled up to make all song.Is this nectar truth, yet ungraspable,so mind-tangible … Continue reading Truth (a poem)