Apollon, Abiding

As night deepens her caresses, as the sun inflectssouthward, each decline of lightbrings with it sudden shock, a yearningfor illumination now sunk beneath the western rocks.In the inky sweetness of fast-descending night,I am torn in two, hungering for summerwhile yearning for the lightlessness to yawn deeperbecause within myself I feel the stir of light.Somehow a … Continue reading Apollon, Abiding


each press of char and bone against divine skin the pool of ash yet warm your hands seeking unity until they are caked in it gathering the remnants of body like single notes into harmonic one the light still shining down burning with the fire of spent worlds of planets singed by Titanic suns life destroyed, all destroyed save the heart unremitting you heal the melodies your lips … Continue reading Dionysiodotes