To the Heliacal Gods

I pray to the self-illumined Sun, glorious in your raiment,
O contracted center, O bright-burning one,
pouring forth your light in all directions.
You are male and female, feminine and masculine.
I see you rise in the East, paling forth your brilliance;
I see you kiss the surface of the steady Earth at noon;
I see you ruddy the sky at the West, setting vibrantly.
Your gravity is never absent from us;
we are held within your solar wind’s embrace.

Hail, light-drenching Sun, seat of uncountable Gods.
Hail, divine banquet that feasts heliacal.
Hail, Helios and his bright-eyed daughters.
Hail, Eos whose fingers kiss the rosy horizon.
Hail, Sulis and Belesama of the water-vivid light.
Hail, Sunna who brings fertile, life-quickening rays,
and your daughter who seeds new suns from cataclysm.
Hail, O Veridical Triad, Aletheia-Apollon-Helios.
Hail Phanes, Aion, Dionysos, and Zeus.

May you, O Rulers, nourish my soul,
averting baneful thoughts and diverting daimons.
May you accrete me together from my scattered parts,
drawing me intact into myself until the flowering core within
sparks its fire to shine luminous, a star upon the Earth.
Guide me to justice, wisdom, love, and brilliant truth,
to the beauty that is breathless to behold, unseen.

May you, O Sun, accept this offering.
May you, O Sun, and the Gods seated upon you,
bless and protect those of us in embodiment,
guiding us to wakeful compassion and concordant conduct
as we flow libationous from our leader-Gods’ hands.

This is a prayer that I offer in the morning after I awaken (when I salute the lightening sky/rising sun) when I take a few sips of my Delicious Morning Beverage and do two sun salutations. It is modeled off of the prayer that I offer to the Lunar Gods, and it is designed from the principle that there is a many-to-one relationship between Gods and each celestial body, which comes out of Platonic writings.

Nothing can come close to the imagery from Parmenides of the Daughters of the Sun pulling the veils back from their faces, but this is a start.

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