Prayer to All of the Gods II

I praise Hestia, ever-embering,whose hair hangs oil-heavy;Storeroom Zeus, Standing Zeus,swallower of all swollen with life;Agathodaimon, thoughtful guardianabundantly giving good wisdom;Celestial Gods celebrating the cosmosin endless feasting, in delightful flow;Gods of skies, of seas, of seasons;Gods of rivers, of rocky heights;Gods of deep murky dominions;Gods of meadows, of murmuring brooks;Gods of cities, of scent, of sapience;Gods … Continue reading Prayer to All of the Gods II

Flame Vessel

Hestia alight,candle's wick an arteryanchoring these prayersbeyond the raging ocean,its form embering hollowlike slow-cooked stew meatwhose veins once pumped a cow's blood.Feeding life through fleeting life:each, devoured, transforms.