Why I No Longer Call Myself a Hellenic Polytheist

This blog post gets into our desire for authenticity and how self-reflection and being challenged pushed me to confront unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and assumptions over the past few years, culminating in dropping the label Hellenic polytheist in favor of describing myself as theistic — I worship Gods. It uses three interwoven things — the article … Continue reading Why I No Longer Call Myself a Hellenic Polytheist

For Athene

Athene of the summit, blazing with intellectual fire,Goddess who burns the perimeter around material desires,quenching them to embers, awakening the soul’s seedto grasp for the highest summit, may you hear this prayer,O daughter of Zeus and Metis, virginal and chaste,adorned with the aegis, shaking your shield,your spear reaching down into matter's deep recesses,a sign and … Continue reading For Athene