It is all too much. My mind, off to anywhere peaceful, anchors down upon the flower-thick sky.WASP-121b’s titanium rainsfall fast and hard, down and in.How fast do its ripping windscurl back to the beginning?Can I exist in every space of my owntidally-locked becoming,a calm oasis from extremesturbulent and beautiful?The water splits apart, arid,the soul has … Continue reading Now


we build how we see the Gods like amino acids build life selecting some Gods, leaving others only potentiality another life-path that could have been only what we choose is grammared by us pantheoned and token-bearing nourishing our lives with symbols who point the way to the unknowable Ones beyond what we know is possibility … Continue reading Ordering

Sea and Mountain, Body and Mind

I. sharp love / ἔρως ὀξύτατος as circles move through the grit of sensationwhat is within dissolvedmimicking blood, mirroring lifethe image of the mixing-bowlHekate's retinue of meandering spiritsthe root of all quenchless desirea growth that blooms, that shedsa red rose within the walled gardenwe hide from ourselves unspeakingshame nailing us, shackling us II. urgent love … Continue reading Sea and Mountain, Body and Mind