Truth (a poem)

What is this unstirring nectar,the gift we beg receivinga double serpent moving swift,laurel branches rustling,the scent of bay awakening,frankincense oil burning so delicateas if we inhabit a fractal floweropening up in vivid stillnessuntil it flows like that springstruck by Pegasus for the Mousaithat welled up to make all song.Is this nectar truth, yet ungraspable,so mind-tangible … Continue reading Truth (a poem)

To Rule

the bee chose sovereigntysweetest nectar of allin the yet-fragrant orchardpink and white blossoms giving forthlong before the fruit swelled goldall that could be givento rule and know the love of ruleand if this queendom fallsdevastation, devastation, collapse I posted this to Twitter on 27 February after doing the dishes, when I was thinking about the … Continue reading To Rule

To Mnêmosynê

Mnêmosynê of the lake shrouded in darkness star-patterned like Nyx we praise you brimming antilight who swallows harmony down like eternity drifting deep and helixing high words known ideas unuttered knives upon the tongue Time a steady exhalation a swelling deep within reflection without recognition ready to break into song ⛲️