Ara is a constellation in the southern hemisphere that is named for an incense censer or altar. In the myths, this is the altar where Zeus and his allies swore oaths to defeat the Titans. each vow the Gods speaka dart traveling, perfumingmaking an altar the contact spacethick murmurations of smoke omeningheld fast is the … Continue reading Ara

For Aphrodite Ourania

No image could capture you,O Ouranic Aphrodite, great queen —we must fragment our view to even glimpse a shadow.How could material capture a beautyunseen and summited beyond thought,you who basks in dripping light? What image could render youwithin the chasm-like Hestiaof yourself, completely hidden?Your chariot's immense power?That blazing-bright morning stardancing through its phases,or the tender, … Continue reading For Aphrodite Ourania

A New Lunar Month

On the new-sliver Moon,I wipe away the dust of daysthat waned as time swelled,spent incense, and wax drippings.I light the candle hungeringfor the fire to quicken it. I eat chocolate-date rice toastand drink morning matcha and cleanand come to still prayer at lastwhile the summer light brightensthe blinds and plants curl up,my waking too late … Continue reading A New Lunar Month


It is all too much. My mind, off to anywhere peaceful, anchors down upon the flower-thick sky.WASP-121b’s titanium rainsfall fast and hard, down and in.How fast do its ripping windscurl back to the beginning?Can I exist in every space of my owntidally-locked becoming,a calm oasis from extremesturbulent and beautiful?The water splits apart, arid,the soul has … Continue reading Now