To Mnêmosynê

Mnêmosynê of the lake shrouded in darkness star-patterned like Nyx we praise you brimming antilight who swallows harmony down like eternity drifting deep and helixing high words known ideas unuttered knives upon the tongue Time a steady exhalation a swelling deep within reflection without recognition ready to break into song ⛲️

Reflections as the World Falls Apart

all below lustrousan Apamean sun hotdew on fine statuessublimating quickMuses’ faces deep wellspringsa hum a song ruptured sharpTime limself dancesthose ruins half-rememberedcrumbling cornerstonessand whirls in harsh windsall that remains is eclipseda promise a curse rendingwe buried our heartslike Dionysos’ remainsas the temples burnedas we burned with themthey march now on Earth herselfstill the fire roars … Continue reading Reflections as the World Falls Apart

Happy Solstice!

It's the Winter Solstice today (at least, in the Northern Hemisphere), so here's a poem. Enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday! At Deepest Night Ifor thesolar birthhave thirsted long,my soul light-faminedas a tall barren birchnot yet quickening with sap.Candles, golden, resined,awaken the air,while branch-bones shakeoutside and rainsmasheshardas ifGods' vesselshave overturnedto purify us.Lightless Nyx holds her … Continue reading Happy Solstice!

Passing Down

While commenting on quotations a few days ago, I said that my head was working out a poem about Platonism, Late Antique schools, and the prevailing circumstances. This poem happened last night while I should have been cleaning citation data. The next thing I knew, it was time for bed. Originally, I didn't want to … Continue reading Passing Down