Prayers to All of the Gods

I have made some updates to the prayers to all of the Gods that I published on my blog earlier this year, including the downloadable PDFs, mobi, and ePub files available on Gumroad.

Here are the links, with the estimated time they take to use in ritual. Note that the time does not include any contemplation, chanting, or other practices one might do afterward — this just covers the recitation itself.

As I mentioned previously, I created a personalized version of Prayer to All of the Gods I that added some space for other Gods I worship. Since then, I have also created a personalized version of Prayer to All of the Gods II, which pulls together brief acknowledgments of the deities I worship most closely, as I want to honor them with special words. This was much harder to do in the prayer’s alliterative style, but I managed.


3 thoughts on “Prayers to All of the Gods

  1. I continue to really appreciate these prayers… and by this point, I know the old versions well enough that the changes immediately stand out. Thank you for sharing them!

    I’ve also been meaning to mention (and only ever think about it during prayer, then forget afterwards!) that there seems to be a typo in prayer III, where the text reads “to Kronos, God whose nurses intellectual life.” Perhaps “who” rather than “whose”?

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      1. No worries! I’ve been fixing it myself when I sing the hymn, but by the time I’m done with all my prayer and contemplation, I always forget to mention it to you. Sorry I didn’t mention it sooner… this post gave me the prompting I needed.

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