Prayer to All of the Gods II

I praise Hestia, ever-embering,
whose hair hangs oil-heavy;
Storeroom Zeus, Standing Zeus,
swallower of all swollen with life;
Agathodaimon, thoughtful guardian
abundantly giving good wisdom;
Celestial Gods celebrating the cosmos
in endless feasting, in delightful flow;
Gods of skies, of seas, of seasons;
Gods of rivers, of rocky heights;
Gods of deep murky dominions;
Gods of meadows, of murmuring brooks;
Gods of cities, of scent, of sapience;
Gods unwedded to utterable sound:
a world overflowing, an opulent krater,
your names numerous, numinous, nuanced.

Accept this gift: incense and [the liquid you are libating]
while erōs grows, while the offering grips
the passive air, hailing you.
Grant the good, godly, and pure:
may true happiness trellis my life;
prosocial instincts, prayerful excellence;
a temperate body, balanced and tame;
a courageous, compassionate, and calm heart;
and a prudent intellect that knows its thickets.
May I open wide to opulent light,
my heart fastened so artfully,
my mind rooted quiet, dynamic.


5 thoughts on “Prayer to All of the Gods II

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for these gorgeous prayers. I use this one (II) every day during ritual, and the first (I) once a month, near the month’s conclusion.

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