I Pulled the Prayers to All of the Gods Into eDevice Formats for Free, In Case You’re Interested

This short ebook (is it actually a zine? is that how those work?) contains the three prayers to all of the Hellenic Gods that I published on this site in January and February (a modified version of I, the compact II, and the very Platonizing III). The prayers draw a lot of inspiration from Plato and Platonic commentators like Proclus, Iamblichus, and Hermias, and they have been written for use in worship.

There is no charge for this eBook, and it is being made available for the benefit of individuals and communities who worship the Hellenic Gods — I was making an eBook for myself anyway to make the prayers convenient to use on my Kobo, and I might as well just let you all benefit, too. You can get the eBook here.

To reiterate: This ebook is available for free in ePub, mobi, and PDF formats. For whatever reason, Gumroad keeps resetting it to pay-what-you-want, so please don’t give me any money. Just type a “0” right in the box! If you want to provide compensation, please donate to Doctors Without Borders, an organization that provides life-saving medical aid worldwide. I realize that this is now a trust exercise in whether or not people will do what I ask them to do, but fingers crossed.

The ePub can be loaded into a phone-based app like Google Play Books or onto an eReader like a Kobo or Nook. The mobi format is compatible with Kindle devices, and apparently you can send it to your Kindle from within Gumroad? Who knew!

Again, here’s the link to the eBook.

2 thoughts on “I Pulled the Prayers to All of the Gods Into eDevice Formats for Free, In Case You’re Interested

  1. I just want to say how impressed I am with the work you do with Kallisti. The calibre of writing is so very good. I appreciate what you do, and rather envy anyone who has you as a friend. You seem so interesting! Blessings and a good Noumenia to you.

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