we build how we see the Gods
like amino acids build life
selecting some Gods, leaving others only potentiality
another life-path that could have been
only what we choose is grammared by us
pantheoned and token-bearing
nourishing our lives with symbols
who point the way to the unknowable Ones
beyond what we know is possibility
potentially animate
its gifts treated like mud and excess

but brought together by other beings
in variants too numerous to name
our oases mere instances
of Gods’ divinity in full bloom
worlds dancing around a common sun
encountering one another
first in gravitational resonances and interactions and
life-bearing meteors sent like messengers
at last as intellects seeing one another
placing ourselves newly stable
within the woven light
mirrored and mirroring
these structures lain out like a meadow
we travel together and apart

Inspired by some of the reading I’ve been doing on exoplanets and exolife recently. While the building blocks of life are finite, there are myriad variations, many of which are not used by life on a specific world, but potentially used by others. It reminded me of how Gods are organized by us in our myths, theologies, and rituals; not all Gods are in all of our structures, but many are in some, and the tangible contexts we have developed are vital for getting to know them. Enjoy.


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