Ara is a constellation in the southern hemisphere that is named for an incense censer or altar. In the myths, this is the altar where Zeus and his allies swore oaths to defeat the Titans.

each vow the Gods speak
a dart traveling, perfuming
making an altar the contact space
thick murmurations of smoke omening
held fast is the holiness of the Gods
how they pour libations united
upon mountainous matter
who quickens to receive them

what are Titans, what are Giants
can we vow against this sundering
may we token bright the myth
gilding its contours theurgic
what are Titans, what are Giants
these prevailing circumstances

what did we vow and what do we vow
from breath to Lethe to breath again
can we hone quick the dull blade
can we dance in holy murmuration
return motionless what cannot move
scatter what remains Tartarean
without ourselves shattering apart

NGC 6188: The Dragons of Ara
Image Credit & Copyright: Ariel L. Cappelletti

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