Sea and Mountain, Body and Mind

I. sharp love / ἔρως ὀξύτατος as circles move through the grit of sensationwhat is within dissolvedmimicking blood, mirroring lifethe image of the mixing-bowlHekate's retinue of meandering spiritsthe root of all quenchless desirea growth that blooms, that shedsa red rose within the walled gardenwe hide from ourselves unspeakingshame nailing us, shackling us II. urgent love … Continue reading Sea and Mountain, Body and Mind

Eumenideia 699.4

I truly have nothing to add to what I posted last year. There's a bulleted list below with some ritual ideas. It's tonight/tomorrow. The Eumenideia starts at sundown on 20 February this year (27 Anthesterion). Before I get meandering, here are the basics: Make some cakes. They can have many humps; they can be smooth … Continue reading Eumenideia 699.4

Reclaiming the Self Unadorned; or, Fleeing Pandora’s Division

Inspired by Porphyry’s letter to his wife Marcella, stories of Pythagorean women, Plato’s Gorgias and Alcibiades, Olympiodorus' comment on gender equality in his Gorgias commentary at 18.9, the myth of Pandora, things that happen in meditation that are not wholly communicable, and thoughts I have while doing dishes on why I haven’t worn makeup since … Continue reading Reclaiming the Self Unadorned; or, Fleeing Pandora’s Division