A Project Begins: I Have a Fiction Podcast

So, a project — the one I have alluded to here for a bit — has started. It’s a tangential work to my main creative work.

Essentially, it’s a serialized podcast/blog novella, and here’s the desc:

A young political staffer uncovers a conspiracy against an unknown politician and must seduce an undercover reactionary to discover the target’s identity.

Epiphany is set in a science fiction, far-post-Earth world. It’s an epistolary work written entirely with gender-neutral pronouns, and most characters are LGBTQIA++. Thematically, Epiphany explores the cognitive ghosts that loss leaves behind and the things we do to escape them.

Click here and knock yourselves out.

Khaire Angelos Athanatôn, friend and guide. And thank you to Apollon, the Mousai, and to Mnemosyne. ~✱^___^✱~

2 thoughts on “A Project Begins: I Have a Fiction Podcast

  1. Love that you did an audio recording of your work. That makes it more accessible as well. Reblog on The Transcendental Eye. Love that it is gender neutral.


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