A Found Poem to Hermes in a Journal

I was going through some old notebooks of poetry/writing a few days ago when I found some early drafts of poetry that I had written for various gods.

This one must be from c. 2010, as this notebook was active between Spring 2009 and sometime in 2011 before the Moleskine started falling apart. My current writing notebook, a Leuchtturm 1917, is smaller. Its durability is more impressive.

The poem was obviously an offering I made to Hermes and didn’t post to KALLISTI, so I will post it here:

Maia gave birth to one
great rustler of mild bovine
animals, a thief
who operates under night’s
deep indigo shield.
Cunningly, he flits among
those sleepers, bringing
wandering souls in line towards
the dreamer’s wide vale:
Muse, let this brave god
receive worthy praise, renown
throughout the seven
continents, for his great work,
this walker between worlds.
Sing through me, paint stories many —
deetailed accounts
of Hermes’ exploits: recount
Argus’s defeat,
retell the lyre’s invention.
Such a noble god
deserves praise and sacrifice!
Hermes, please accept
humble words as your share.
Look kindly upon
your trim-ankled worshipper.

A very marked up version of the poem in text in this entry. Draft Zero

A handwritten version of the same poem that is in the text body of this post.

It’s not bad for something I wrote when I was in my early 20s. I’m tempted to go into English Major Mode with it, but it is what it is.

Thank you, Hermes. ♨️ 🙌

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