Are you in Connecticut?

During a prior post, I said that I was going to at least attempt to create local community over the next two years. The online world is great, but if we’re going to have temples and community centers by the time I’m 70, we’ll need to get off of the Internet.

So. I was actually serious when I said that I wanted to make space/time for Hellenists local to me to get together.

Really serious.

How serious?

I made a group. You can find it here:

I’m focusing on local people so we can all at least get together and talk to one another once in a while, and we’ll figure out if we want to do libations &c. together later.

To be perfectly frank, divination has indicated that I am free to knock myself out with trying to find local polytheists. Divination also indicated that my instinct to stay out of religious leadership is a good one for at least the next few years — I am a librarian, poet, and writer, not a priestess, and definitely not clergy. Librarians facilitate things. I am an intermediary and facilitator of information and knowledge creation. I also really miss philosophical conversations with other polytheists.

So. What can you do?

  • Are you on Facebook? I am not. Feel free to share the site there.
  • Are you a Tumblr person who actually has followers? You can share it there, too.

If you’re in the area, how do you get to New Haven?

  • If you are on Metro North, you can probably get to New Haven via transit.
  • If you are one of the cities on the in-progress line from New Haven to Springfield, you will be able to get to New Haven via transit.
  • New Haven is a city spliced into pieces by highways that lead to a lot of places.

I’m a member of Hellenion, but this isn’t affiliated with Hellenion at all — I’m hoping to cast a wide net beyond org membership boundaries, as I know that we’re all scattered among different places. It’s also inclusive to people who are recons or polytheists who worship some Hellenic gods as part of the syncretic Mediterranean polytheist pantheons.

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