Sunday Image: An Offering to the Mousai

This week, I offered an agalma to the Mousai, which I found on Etsy. I really love it — the artistry reminds me of my childhood because it’s in a similar style to The Last Unicorn movie, which was heavily influenced by medieval tapestries.

My main shrine with incense burning and an 8x10 framed image of the Mousai.

The incense is something I hadn’t offered to the Mousai before, but it complemented the agalma offering beautifully — the Shoyeido Xiang Do Rose scent.

You can also see that my shrine looks lived in — the small black things are all burned rosemary fragments, which are from the khernips that I use for purification. Charred rosemary sprigs tend to get everywhere. 😅 I also use an electric rechargeable lighter.

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