Meetup in coastal CT in late June

If you’re a Hellenist (or if you are a polytheist who incorporates the worship of some Hellenic gods), I’m putting together a meetup in New Haven, CT, because I want to find some local people.

It will be on June 24, 2018, from 10:00 – 11:30 AM.

I’ve tried to pick a time before local cafés are overrun with students, as New Haven and its environs contain more institutes of higher learning than one would think given the city’s size. The location is slightly outside of the downtown.

For discussion, I’ve picked Sallustius’ On the Gods and the World/CosmosThere’s a free version of the text translated by Thomas Taylor. More information on the meetup (and a link to the text) is here.

2 thoughts on “Meetup in coastal CT in late June

    1. No, there weren’t any RSVPs, so I ended up canceling it. I did make a post in the meetup asking if there were good times of the week for meetups, though. 🙂


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