Some Updates and 2018’s Most Popular Posts

As 2018 comes to a close, I just want to say four things …

  • This semester was very intense at work. I was the chair of an internal conference that happened on November 30th, and while I learned a lot and was very pumped the day of, I’m really looking forward to the campus’s winter recess.
  • I haven’t forgotten my posts on feminism. I have an entire Scrivener project filled with notes and an enormous stack of books. The next post will happen within the next week or two.
  • A short story of mine will come out in The Society of Misfit Stories‘ February issue. Because I only write speculative fiction main characters from polytheistic backgrounds right now (#ownvoices), you may enjoy it.
  • Hermes, Athene, Apollon, Seshat, Mousai, and Mnemosyne, thank you all. 💓

… and share the top five posts of 2018 from KALLISTI: Essays:

  1. On approaching polytheism as a system. This is about the process of remixing and updating religious practices and why it matters. It’s also where I announced that I wanted to talk about women. (Note 12/15/2021: I’ve since reverted this post to draft, so there isn’t a link. It seemed really weird and discordant for me to be saying things about overhauling Hellenism when I’m not a part of Greek culture, just an American polytheist, and the inner disquiet motivated me to quietly take it down.)
  2. Household worship, brass-tacks style. You don’t need a lot of cash or supplies to make religious offerings. This is a guide to getting started regardless of your budget.
  3. Some Reflections on Being Second-Gen Pagan/Polytheist. A very personal post on what it was like to grow up a second-gen polytheist and the pain points based on my experience.
  4. Why I support the Wild Hunt. Yes, they f*** up sometimes. Still, they’re a lot better than placing all of our trust in social media algorithms that think that everything on the Internet we hate is what we want to see more of just because we react in some way.
  5. On Reading Plato. The endless, burning question of which order one should read the dialogues in. 😅

Finally, you may have noticed that KALLISTI: Essays does not have ads anymore. I don’t want ads that don’t correspond to my values to appear here. For example, what if a missionary organization or charity that proselytizes to vulnerable groups in disaster zones takes out an ad that appears for you on this page? I paid a fee to WordPress, so that’s been fixed now.

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