The Wild Hunt’s Article on the Yale Exhibit and a Meetup Opportunity

For anyone located near/in coastal Connecticut, I’m currently trying to find a time next weekend (likely Saturday the 16th or Sunday the 17th at 1 PM) for us to go to the exhibit profiled on The Wild Hunt before it closes in a few weeks.

You can go here to be part of the discussion:

“Sights and Sounds of Ancient Ritual” focuses on three thousand years of sensory experiences in polytheistic ritual across a variety of geographic regions. Since it’s the Anthesteria, I was also thinking that we could do a quick libation to Dionysos after we’re done romping around the Yale University Art Gallery.

Admission to the art gallery is free, although if you come with any bag larger than a purse, you’ll need a quarter so you can deposit the bag in one of the lockers. There are also some standing exhibits with a lot of Greek and Roman sculptures. I’ll be going regardless of the weather because the location is local, but if it snows (as it usually does on the Anthesteria in New England), please consider your safety if travel is dangerous.


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