Publication FYI — “Is My Libation To-Go Cup Authentic?” in Eidolon

In December, I pitched an article to Eidolon on modern Hellenic Polytheism, authenticity, and how we use/read the Classics. I submitted a draft of it in late January, and this has been in the cooking pot ever since, getting stirred through a few drafts. Edit 12/15/2021: In this piece, the term “Hellenism” is sometimes used, and I now understand that usage to be inappropriate when applied to those of us non-Hellenes (non-Greeks) worshipping the Hellenic Gods. Please read the piece with that in mind. 

You can go read it here.

An image of the header of my Eidolon article. I couldn’t figure out if the current version of WordPress allows for link previews in any way, so this is my best attempt at showing a teaser image of the Eidolon article in a visually enticing way.

These two groups, classicists and Neopagans, circle and orbit one another without often touching, and one of the only points of overlap is in this space of evidence and interpretation. Unpacking the tension between these two groups—how modern Neopagans approach it, how we justify ourselves and decide what counts, and what we get right and wrong—gets into the politics of information privilege, authenticity, cultural appropriation, and the heavy lift of what it means to adapt a broken tradition.

It’s 2800 words, about a 10- to 15-minute read. The editors at Eidolon are great people, and they really helped this piece become the best it could be! 😊

3 thoughts on “Publication FYI — “Is My Libation To-Go Cup Authentic?” in Eidolon

  1. I don’t mean to detract from your essay – which was a fantastic read – but I cannot tell you how much seeing my pronouns used as default meant to me. Thank you.

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