Goals for 2020

In mid-2019, I made a post describing my KALLISTI-related goals for the year. Here's where they stand at year's end: On KALLISTI, I had a goal of 1 post per week. I made 85 posts this year (86, if this one is included), a total of about 115,000 words after guesstimating how much of the … Continue reading Goals for 2020

Happy Solstice!

It's the Winter Solstice today (at least, in the Northern Hemisphere), so here's a poem. Enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday! At Deepest Night Ifor thesolar birthhave thirsted long,my soul light-faminedas a tall barren birchnot yet quickening with sap.Candles, golden, resined,awaken the air,while branch-bones shakeoutside and rainsmasheshardas ifGods' vesselshave overturnedto purify us.Lightless Nyx holds her … Continue reading Happy Solstice!

Brief Comments on Leadership

This week, I received Maxims #41, ὕβριν μίσει, and #132, θνῇσκε ὑπὲρ πατρίδος, in my weekly oracle. Hate hubris. Die for your fatherland. I've been reading Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, and I started to take in what he said about tempers and self-moderation, specifically anger and leadership, while walking into work on Monday. Here's the result … Continue reading Brief Comments on Leadership

A Miscellany of Quotations — I Just Started Reading Aristotle

Um, so. Aristotle. Nicomachean Ethics. The translation I have is from Bartlett and Collins, and it prides itself on being literal. As I mentioned in the blog post with some final quotations from Damascius' Lecture Notes on the Philebus, I had a dream I was in a philosophy class (the details are in that post), … Continue reading A Miscellany of Quotations — I Just Started Reading Aristotle

Theological Thoughts, Collated, at the End of a Gregorian Decade

In polytheism, a conversation happened several years ago that Yvonne Aburrow reminded me of recently — something about devotional versus relational polytheism. I now remember my brow furrowing when I saw it in 2015. The distinction seemed nonsensical to me, a way of slicing up and fragmenting a fundamental position about Gods being many and … Continue reading Theological Thoughts, Collated, at the End of a Gregorian Decade