The Waterfall Commune — Pangrammatike

On my writing/conlanging blog, I decided to post a short story. Here’s the intro text I provided, which should make my reason for cross-posting straightforward. The link to the story is below. Enjoy. 😁

This is a short story — 6,200 words — about a group of young adults in their 20s who decide to go against tradition and get a house together. It is set in Tveshė, the place where Tveshi is the national language — the story takes place in West Shija, so Shiji (Mafediji) is spoken.

This story is a bit too long to be publishable. It does, however, showcase a few interesting things: (a), the use of conlangs in fiction and (b) far-future polytheistic worldbuilding …

via The Waterfall Commune — Pangrammatike

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