Black Lives Matter.

If you are out protesting, Yes Magazine has printed some tips for protecting yourself from COVID-19. Yes Magazine’s social justice coverage is a great place to read up on what is happening.

Most of this post is directed at non-Black readers, and specifically those non-Black readers who can put time and/or money towards racial justice. That clarified, some comments.

White supremacy doesn’t end with showy renunciations of privilege in a ritualistic center-of-town cleansing gathering (yeah, that apparently happened). Millennia ago, during a lecture by the Platonist Syrianus, Hermias took down notes describing what we have always known — stopping cycles of violence requires deliberate action and sacrifice.

Call and write to your local government. Pray to Gods who preside over justice, law, concord, and order to bring reform and healing. Themis, Athene, Zeus, the Horai, Dike, and the Eumenides are all good choices, depending on which one(s) you are most comfortable approaching. I have prayed to the Eumenides for justice before (in the form of cathartic retribution for documented wrongs), and my morning prayers right now include petitions to Athene for her providence and the bestowal of gifts that bring justice and put an end to suffering.

Donate to any number of nonprofits, political action groups, and bail funds. While I haven’t participated in a protest, I donated to the Black Visions Collective and just set up a recurring donation to Fair Fight, an action group spearheaded by Stacey Abrams that focuses on supporting voters’ rights and ending systemic voter oppression.

And read. I gave links to one place where there are articles out of many possible places to link. There are lists circulating around — articles, Google Docs syllabi, and the like — that are designed to get people literate on racism and privilege. Read as widely as possible to understand intersectional experiences. You will not learn the ins and outs of racial justice from one book or one training or one author.

I know that I have posted a bit about this on my blog already, both in a general decompression post and as a paragraph interlude in my last commonplace book post. Since I am taking a hiatus from Twitter and not posting there, it was important to make one to stand on its own.

Have a good weekend. 💛

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