A Bullet Journal Follow-Up

This weekend, I did my bullet journal migration. You can read an earlier post for information about my planning process, as this post (mostly) contains images that display the end results of my process. Not all of my bullet journal pages are here — just the ones that seemed the most relevant to KALLISTI.

The first page of my bullet journal contains a prayer cycle.

The first page (above) shows that I had a lot of notebooks open at once. While I usually use fountain pens in my bullet journals, for the journal-to-journal migration, I also use micron pens to add a bit of color.

The future log, with moon phases and some holidays.

After the lunar prayer cycle, I put my future log. There’s plenty of empty space for important things I need to remember, but I also added birthdays, holidays, and new/full moons.

My two reading plans. I’ve, like, already nearly run out of space????

After that, I put my reading plans — leisure reading on the left, DIY study reading on the right (bottom to top is poetry, top to bottom is mostly Platonism). The leisure reading items without dates on the left are ones that are on my TBR bookshelf, and I can’t remember when I bought some of these books. Now that I’m not using social media so much anymore, I’m making a lot of progress through my TBR lists, even if the Proclus reading I’m in right now is going slowly because the content is as dense as a flourless chocolate cake.

While I do have online lists, I find that the bullet journal works better for me because it’s easier to access my list and see the “hidden” things, like books I’ve purchased on my Kobo that I have not actually read yet.

I followed that with some budgeting and personal goal pages. However, neither is that relevant to this blog beyond the fact that my religious goals are integrated into my other ones. I did do a fun doodle of the Platonic virtue in the margin of the goals area (justice, prudence/wisdom, courage, temperance).

That’s really it there.

The inner heavier-weight page.

And of course, on the front page — the one that’s of heavier paper stock than the other pages — I added some things in Greek. May the Gods grant me productivity and success.


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