Flashback Post: Some Teenage Ritual Spaces

While cleaning out my old CDs, I found a few from film that I had had developed back when you would get a CD of the film from a disposable camera alongside the physical images. This is circa the early 2000s, back when the world population was a bit under 6.5 billion, we still had real winters, and most of the United States was still connected via dial-up Internet.

I do miss the dolphin wallpaper of my childhood room.

Yes, I used to have a djembe and drum. I don’t do that anymore. Also nothing on the mirror is related to the shrine at all.

This is a fairly traditional Wiccan ritual space, complete with a broom and a bunch of other stuff. I had forgotten that I had moved up from the small table I had made in shop class in seventh grade to a larger table for the ritual stuff. I am happy to have found this photo because I didn’t know which poster of the Goddess Nyx I had used in my ritual space, and I guess it was this one.

Why did I have so many candles.

I kept moving my ritual space to different parts of my bedroom. The knife in the foreground has since disappeared (no idea if I got rid of it or if my mom has it), but I purchased it at a Neopagan event from one of the booth tables. I guess I’ve been into prayer beads for a while, judging from the things tacked to the board.


2 thoughts on “Flashback Post: Some Teenage Ritual Spaces

  1. This is utterly delightful! So few of us grew up in any sort of Paganism, it’s nice to see an altar set-up from a practicing teenager. Do you ever miss Wicca? Do you ever do stuff with your mom?

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    1. I don’t miss Wicca itself because the emphasis on magic and its connections to Western Esotericism weren’t the best match for me, but I do miss how easy it is to have physical community for major holidays. My mom sometimes invites me to things her coven is doing depending on if it’s a closed ritual or if it’s open to family/friends. She invited me to her coven’s Samhain Zoom at the end of the month.

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