Acts of Speech Is Out

Acts of Speech is now out and in the wild in e-format. The print is a bit delayed due to the pandemic, although I now have a UPS tracking number for proofs, which is a serious improvement over my previous lack of knowledge regarding where the print version was in the printing process. Tracking numbers feel real.

The poetry book explores performative, public, and private religious speech and how they construct identity and difference. It blends praise poetry primarily in honor of various Hellenic Gods, including Apollon, the Mousai, Hermes, and Mnemosyne, with more private poems in a tense dance of parasociality and intimacy. Above all, it is a time capsule of experiences frozen in syllable, verse, and image.

On a more personal note, I decided to do this poetry book after getting very tired of fuddling with slips of paper and saved documents in my Google Drive, so its original purpose was to be functional for my own personal use. The project evolved over time from a chapbook into something too long for a chapbook. I also caught the Plato bug in May 2019, and you can … honestly tell when that happened. Almost all of the poems contain year dates, although they are not arranged chronologically, which should add interest to any comparisons of the devotional poems. One of the surprising things is that “To Apollon of the Steep Cliffs” has become much more of a mainstay of my devotional practice than intended, especially over the past few weeks as I have processed science about black holes in a more rigorous way than before.

But anyway, structure: Part I is performative (with a lot of poems that are probably recitation-appropriate), Part II is an agora of ideas, and Part III is personal stuff.

Ebook Stores:

The very beautiful book cover by L. Williams.

(Note: There’s no Kindle ebook. Amazon doesn’t allow things like this to be listed there if it contains more than 5% content available elsewhere online, and the distributor I use sets it even lower at 0%. I’d say at least 40% of these poems are freely available already, mostly on this blog. I did make a mobi file for Gumroad, though.)

2 thoughts on “Acts of Speech Is Out

  1. And still more congratulations! (What a week you’ve been having!)

    Please do post another announcement when the print volume is available. That’s my preferred medium for this sort of thing, so I’ll be waiting patiently until then.

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