It’s Proclus’ Birthday

@barefootwisdom blogged today that it is Proclus’ birthday, which was a great reminder. I’d been thinking about the Life of Proclus last night for what I thought was no reason whatsoever, so it’s great to have that reminder! Click through below (the “Happy birthday, Proclus!” is hyperlinked) to read some great and inspiring pieces.

Today marks the 1,609th anniversary of the birth of that pious and brilliant philosopher, successor of Plato, Proclus. A few fun things to honor the occasion: A poem I wrote last year for Proclus’ nativity. Edward Butler’s oration for Proclus’ 1,600th birthday. The biography of Proclus, written by Marinus, his colleague and successor in the […]

Happy birthday, Proclus!

One thing mentioned in the post is a crater. I knew about this crater because it came up in a Google Images search a while back, and it was really cool that this naming had happened. The image below is from NASA; Proclus Crater is an asymmetrical young rayed crater near the Mare Crisium.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Proclus!

🎊 🥳 🎊

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