Instructions for Beginning

Look for the moon to steady you
in ler variability — new to full to dark
where you find lim, pause – stop – stop

Cup your hands to receive that light
say a prayer if you know a God
but if you don’t, the quiet is enough

Be attentive to your body’s breath
whether the summer has made it
humid and oppressive in your lungs
or winter bites your throat on inhaling

Consider lim and all of the worlds as
sacred images, agalmata, shrines
whose temenoi were lain down
in protoplanetary pulverization and
collisions while the sun breathed anew

Behold the temenos you stand upon
Earth’s curve you cannot see or feel

The images you make are offerings
phantasmic and ephemeral as gesture
and sages knew them precious as incense

You will give lim a name to orbit lim
and the God will show ler sweetness with time
just as the shadow-moon becomes new
just as biting wind turns to gentle spring


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