Some Lighthearted Fun

You may recall some months ago when I used Canva to render some Platonic quotations. Yesterday, I was on the IRS website looking at rules related to hobby income and losses, and I present to you a Platonism-related meme that contains some ineffable truths — this sentence just popped into my head, and it made me laugh. Inspiration-wise, it must have been the product of a few things: I was finishing up reading Tim Addey’s Seven Myths of the Soul (review here), I had previously listened to two Plotinus SHWEP episodes this week while doing some cleaning, and some stuff about karma yoga from Shakti Rising has been running through my mind.

It is using a default Canva template that I modified slightly to duplicate the feather; I rotated the feathers so they would look like they were falling.

Remember when you file your taxes that mystical henōsis is your job and the proper ordering of your soul requires that all else be classified as a hobby.

Also, because I couldn’t resist, here is my favorite joke (when life gives you λειμών-s) that I am sure everyone who knows the theological interpretation of the Persephone myth is tired of me making. The phrase “when life gives you lemons,” when combined with the concept of the λειμών (meadow) in Plato as a key point of departure into the trials of the embodied life, is perfect.

Souls are a lot like ravens in that we are distracted by beautiful things like flowers.

Have a good weekend.


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