Happy Winter Solstice

Wishing you a blessed and happy Winter Solstice today. (Or, in the southern hemisphere, a happy summer one.)

If you’re interested in rituals, I have two in the post from last year — one solely focused on the Hellenic Gods, the other an example of a blended, mindfully eclectic personal practice because I also worship Sunna and Sulis.

The sun rising in my apartment’s eastern window.

I have the day off and will be doing prayers, followed by a lovely solstice breakfast of rice porridge, bacon, and some type of egg dish, yet undecided. I left some porridge with butter out for the tomte last night instead of on the 24th (which Christians and cultural Christians often do). I made it from rice, water, milk, and warming holiday spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Happily, two people (of the five of us present) in spin class last night wished me a happy Winter Solstice. I wished them a good Christmas. It felt good that they remembered, especially since they sounded so pressed by preparing for their holiday celebrations on Friday and Saturday.

Whether or not you have time off today, I hope that you have a minute or two to take pause and look toward the rising or setting sun (do not stare directly at it for safety reasons) in acknowledgment of the change of seasons and the cycle of the solar year.


2 thoughts on “Happy Winter Solstice

  1. Tis’ a delightful Winter Solstice indeed! The light refraction in your photo provides a sublime display of patterns. Each of the 5 beams possesses crimson as its predominant colour and the 3 halo crests intercepts the vertical beam as though crowning the occasion with a fortuitous splendour. May this special day mark the beginning of renewal, knowing in your heart of hearts that Venus has fully gone into retrograde to help realign your love with the divine…

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