January 2022 “We Are Individuals in Communities” Divination

Obligatory context: In 2020, due to feeling a lot of social burnout, pessimism, and pain about our wider polytheistic communities, I started doing a divination reading every three months about the polytheistic communit[y/ies]. The point of this divination, like most divinations I do, is to highlight growth areas that we may be missing that prevent us from being our best. My hope is that those who have a hunger and need for this will serendipitously find it.

As a heads up, I did this divination on 31 December, which was the 27th day of the lunar calendar (when I do divinations). I got sidetracked by the new year, personal things, and the deluge of messages from my workplace that are responding to omicron developments, and while cleaning up papers near my desk, I realized I hadn’t posted this.

💛 I don’t have any credentials, so please take everything with a grain of salt. 💛

The question: What course of action should [people in] the Western polytheistic revival communities take over the next three months to improve ourselves?

I used the Girls Underground Oracle, and questions work best for this deck when they are phrased in ways that focus on the unfolding of a narrative or process, like a story. A single die comes with the deck, and this type of reading uses the die to set the number of cards to draw. This time, I was told three. I made sacrifices to Apollon and asked him this question. After using the Girls Underground Oracle, I drew a Threads of Fate oracle card to ask for guidance that would put the story told in the GU oracle in context.

Hail to the God whose harmony twines around him like snakes, who sees the beginning and the end of spacetime unfold within a breath, the shape of his face like the yawning cliffs of an event horizon that hides a heart of light. 🙌

Here are the cards:

  1. Know what you want. (#47)
  2. Believe in yourself. (#46)
  3. She loses her way. (#17)

Threads of Fate draw: Higher Perspective. This card prods us to take a bird’s eye view of situations and to move beyond our limited ways of seeing things up close. We can often forget that we are part of a larger ecosystem when we are so focused on immediate environments, and it’s always good to check in. Avoid getting pulled down into intense subjectivity or interpersonal disputes that rely heavily on “us vs. them.”

The first card calls us to look once more at what we think we know about ourselves and to dive deeper to see whether it still rings true. Figure out what is most important, and make sure that your behavior and goals are aligning with it. Sometimes, we lose ourselves in what others want from us, what we have been conditioned to want, and what we think some ideal of us would want — but we ignore what is actually present, and we do not listen to our inner voice. Pay attention. The Threads of Fate card may be particularly useful here because it calls us to have perspective — do not be too pulled in by subjectivity.

The second card is a call to establish oneself firmly and to draw on inner resources of self-confidence to get it done.

Following on the first two cards, one might expect a positive outcome — but the third card is the very familiar “she loses her way” warning. Without taking that higher perspective, and without working on thinking beyond ourselves while still cultivating boundaries and a keen sense of self-knowledge, we can easily lose sight of our goals. This card also points to how much knowing what we want and cultivating confidence are processes. Setbacks and roundabouts are inevitable. There will never be a time when we do not have to backtrack and figure things out again. We must constantly check in to make sure we are on the right course and intervene quickly when we realize we’ve gone off-track.

I hope that this was useful. I don’t know who will come across this page and what le will take away from the divination, so I encourage you to ponder the meanings of these cards and puzzle through what they mean to you. Feel free to take or leave my commentary, too!

The next divination will take place in late March or so.


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