Soul’s Inner Statues Live Beta

Since late November, I have been working on The Soul’s Inner Statues in GitHub, a project that is meant to supersede many pages on this blog about developing a practice that celebrates many Gods. It is written for anyone getting started with a practice, and it combines practical advice with grounding in (to be honest, Platonizing) theology. View the project here:

The project is now in live beta, meaning that you can interact with the output on GitHub — the book was written in Markdown (without spellcheck, which was surprisingly not awful?), and the bookdown R package used that Markdown to generate an ePub and PDF (the latter via LaTeX). I’m still figuring out the settings with the output files (for example, I dislike the default font in LaTeX, but changing the preamble to involve the settings I usually use in Overleaf made the output fail), so there may be errors in the non-website version right now. I also need to figure out which settings are overriding the serif formatting customization I tried to do. My plan is to leave the project open for comments and reactions before doing a revision sometime in summer.

The link to the Soul’s Inner Statues will replace the New to Polytheism? section (same link text, but a redirect). It improves on, and replaces, almost everything there, although I will miss having handy links to the Sallust image remixes.

Have a wonderful evening.

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