Update — Getting Close to the Body with the Phaedo in Tow — KALLISTI

Back in September, I wrote a post that pulled from the Phaedo, the Hypatia story about menstrual rags, and overcoming irrational fears in order to have a more environmentally-friendly period. I’ve just updated the post to include a few paragraphs at the end, mostly driven by design innovations in menstrual discs that make them less iffy for users. Hopefully, the original post (and the update!) are helpful to those grappling with similar fears and anxieties, especially other Platonizing women who daydream about Hypatia’s grit.

Also: If you have an FSA, discs and cups are health expenses that you can usually be reimbursed for with the pretax money you’ve set aside. Just check your benefits listing to make sure!

At Phaedo 64a, Socrates — who will shortly be given hemlock by his executioner — begins one of many famous parts of this discussion by saying that “those who happen to have gotten in touch with philosophy in the right way devote themselves to nothing else but dying and being dead.”  What follows is a […]

Getting Close to the Body with the Phaedo in Tow — KALLISTI

One thought on “Update — Getting Close to the Body with the Phaedo in Tow — KALLISTI

  1. The idea that women are more susceptible to generation but excel more than men when they do break free that you mentioned in the initial post reminds of when Euripides wrote, “There is nothing worse than a bad woman, and nothing better in any way than a good one.” I don’t know if it’s my place to comment on it but it’s an interesting trend in Greek thought

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