As a heads up to anyone who might be heading to my link to The Soul’s Inner Statues, I am in the process of updating it, and I am pushing changes to GitHub as they happen. If you’re curious about where things stand, feel free to head over to the GitHub repository. Here’s a link to the actual open access book as it exists online if you’d rather not look at the project’s entrails.

“Intro” and “Foundations” have both been updated as of today, and I’m hoping to slowly go through the rest of the chapters over the next few weeks. I’m editing content to make it clearer, getting rid of typos I hadn’t noticed when I was editing this in a text editor with no spellcheck and proofreading it with R’s built-in tool, and ensuring that I have Internet Archive links for all web URLs so I can avoid the link rot problem that plagues most books.

Following that, in August, I’ll translate the formatting to a print-ready document for an at-cost-of-materials print-on-demand book. For that, I will also need to adapt to print-book citation norms by changing from the in-text links (which are preferred online) to a fully-fleshed-out bibliography. Thankfully, I have Zotero, so that should only hurt for a few days.

I will make another post when the revisions are done.

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