Athene, Dancing

In the Philosophical History, Damascius writes that he saw an agalma of Aphrodite in armor and that the image struck him. I had a similar, much less intense experience recently when I came across this secular-function image of Athene, La Danse Triomphale, created in 1925 by Carlo Sarrabezolles. The plaque on the image's base reads, … Continue reading Athene, Dancing

For Aphrodite Ourania

No image could capture you,O Ouranic Aphrodite, great queen —we must fragment our view to even glimpse a shadow.How could material capture a beautyunseen and summited beyond thought,you who basks in dripping light? What image could render youwithin the chasm-like Hestiaof yourself, completely hidden?Your chariot's immense power?That blazing-bright morning stardancing through its phases,or the tender, … Continue reading For Aphrodite Ourania

What Can We Learn From the Goddess Necklace Trend?

When looking up the title of a book from 2000 that seems to be from a deceased author (hence nowhere online, and likely a soon-to-be-victim of what we call in library science "orphaned works"), my eyes were assaulted with advertising. This is unsurprising, as Google's search engine is primarily an advertising machine that just so … Continue reading What Can We Learn From the Goddess Necklace Trend?

Apollon, Abiding

As night deepens her caresses, as the sun inflectssouthward, each decline of lightbrings with it sudden shock, a yearningfor illumination now sunk beneath the western rocks.In the inky sweetness of fast-descending night,I am torn in two, hungering for summerwhile yearning for the lightlessness to yawn deeperbecause within myself I feel the stir of light.Somehow a … Continue reading Apollon, Abiding