Soul’s Inner Statues: Major Update

My main December personal project was preparing the Soul’s Inner Statues for an at-cost print-on-demand version, and I wanted to make sure the text and formatting were in good shape for that. This goal, thank Apollon and Aletheia, has been achieved. Here, again, is a link to the project:

Kaye Boesme's Soul's Inner Statues front page as of the 2022 December edit.

This second stage has been a lot of moving between Markdown and LaTeX and back again, so do let me know if there are any formatting issues in the text online — I tried to catch everything, but realize I may not have always succeeded. Pandoc tried to do something with hard brackets that made some of the pages look like contemporary word art poetry, for example. It was so odd.

The Overleaf LaTeX editing environment. Credit: Kaye Boesme.

The above shows what the editing interface looks like while in Overleaf. It’s all hard-coded in the backend. I realized that BibTeX wouldn’t be adequate for the level of citing I was doing, so this was my first time actually producing a document with the updated BibLaTeX citing protocols — I think it went okay. In the screenshot, you can see that the margins are sized for a book. I copied the project to a new one earlier today and created a better letter-sized PDF so digital readers can enjoy something that hasn’t been butchered by pandoc (AKA, what you had been reading).

This could be classified as a major revision — I really dug into the text. It’s always like that when someone leaves something for a while and comes back because we change and grow, so the needle moves. The content that I fleshed out was sorely needed for improving the readability and scaffolding, and I cited some additional things that I have found useful, even complicated things, because people need useful things. Overall, I am very happy with the changes. I’m still mulling over a few minor details and may do so for a week or two, but I really wanted to get the formatting-heavy stuff done while I’m on break, and I no longer consider the version that had been online to be adequate — I want people to reach the updated text.

There isn’t a date for the print-on-demand version yet, but you will have one soon. I need to do a final proofread, load the PDF into Draft2Digital, and order proofs; I won’t know the timeline until I do that, but we’re looking at late winter or early spring.

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