I’ll Be Thinking About This Heraclitus Fragment For a Bit

The Thinking Root is a bright blue book with a bright yellow inner cover, like the sun and the lush blue sky, promising joy and expansiveness. I’ve opened it up a few times, and this fragment in particular (note: these aren’t numbered in the book, unfortunately) is lush to mull over. Enjoy.

Incense burns in the background with lots of woven smoke. The text, from Heraclitus, reads, “The God of day and night’s kind knowing, of winter and summer, of war and peace, of satiety and hunger, alters as fire alters when spices are thrown in the flames, and is called by the name of each perfume.” p. 56, The Thinking Root, trans. Dan Beachy-Quick

Image made in Canva.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be Thinking About This Heraclitus Fragment For a Bit

  1. That translation’s a little strange. Here’s a more literal one: “The god: day and night, winter and summer, war and peace, satiety and hunger. It alters, as when mingled with perfumes, it gets named according to the pleasure of each one.” (Trans. Kahn)

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