Eumenideia 699.2 Starts Soon

The Eumenideia is happening in a few days, on 27 Anthesterion (the night of March 3rd into the day of March 4th). For Internet impermanence’s sake, here are all of my posts about the Eumenides on this blog to date.

And also something else! I’m slowly catching up on many things in the blogosphere that I have saved to Pocket for further reading. Martiana has written some stuff about the Roman underworld on her blog, and I don’t often look up the Eumenides/Furies in a Roman context — but she has some cool stuff there, and it’s really fascinating.

2 thoughts on “Eumenideia 699.2 Starts Soon

  1. Hmm, these seem to me like interesting goddesses to investigate for those of us who have really loud nagging consciences…of course that might make it worse…but I’m especially thinking of stuff like figuring out how to right wrongs & guilt, for things like systemic injustices. I’ve been trying to figure out forgiveness/atonement/retribution/restorative justice (different but overlapping/interrelated things) and how those work in various polytheistic traditions.

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    1. I think that several supporting actions can help this. In Hellenism at least, there would first be a ritual of atonement for the Eumenides so they can intercede on behalf of the restless dead, followed by some concrete action/support. It’s not useful unless there’s both a formal religious closure to the wrongs and concrete action in the world. For example, I support some causes related to indigenous rights, including the development of a piece of language software on Patreon that is fighting for language revitalization (this one:

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