Sallust, Part II: Remixing ON THE GODS AND THE WORLD XV


Why we honour the Gods, who are not indigent of any thing.

From hence we are presented with a solution of the doubts concerning sacrifices and other particulars relative to the cultivation of divinity;

Woman looking out to sea (Unsplash)

for that which is divine is not indigent of any thing.

NAMA Sacrifice aux Charites resized color corrected black bg

But the honours which we pay to the gods, are performed for the sake of our advantage:

Triptolemus Yale Louvre G368

and since the providence of the gods is every where extended, a certain habitude, or fitness, is all that is requisite in order to receive their beneficent communications.

Isis-Sothis-Demeter MGEg Inv22804

But all habitude is produced through imitation and similitude;

The relief panels on the frieze of the Tower of the Winds. The wind god Zephyrus

and hence temples imitate the heavens,


but altars the earth;

Altar of Zeus at the Ancient Agora of Athens

statues resemble life, and on this account they are similar to animals [living things];

NAMABG-Aphaia Athena statue

and prayers imitate that which is intellectual;

Herkulaneischer Meister 002b

but characters,

friedmann equation

Magical book Kircherian Terme

superior ineffable powers;

CMS Higgs-event

Orestes Delphi BM GR1917.12-10.1

herbs and stones resemble matter;

Robert H Treman State Park

and animals which are sacrificed, the irrational life of our souls.

Baby goats

But from all these nothing happens to the gods beyond what they already possess; for what accession can be made to a divine nature?

A Roman Offering - JWW

But a conjunction with our souls and the gods is by this means produced.

Eros e Psyche

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