Two Poems for Apollôn’s Circle

Kyklos Apollôn’s listserv is not very active anymore (although I’ve heard the group is somewhat active on Facebook now). A decade ago, I wrote two short poems for use during the ritual, which was/is timed to occur when the sun rose at Delphi each Sunday morning. It was usually in the middle of the night here.

In 2018, I posted a newer version of one of them to the listserv in the hopes it would generate traffic. Because Yahoo is doing strange things to their Groups, I am posting them here just for posterity.


Come, God, from Delphi’s navel.
Pass across raging oceans;
find us here where we scatter
whole grain and speak sacred hymns.

This common purpose unites us,
like stars with their own systems
who yet dance together, the heavy
pull from the galactic center marking
out the rhythm in a great circle.

In your presence, life’s hard road
metamorphoses into grass.
Cares diminish when we shout
ie paean; your oracular temple,
once location, now time, is
liberated by communal action.
God of the silver bow, hear
our praises and our thanks.


Apollôn, come from afar,
your Names are sacred.
From ancient precinct, Delphi,
to small modern shrines,
many worship you, keeping
the ritual hour.
Ever-vigilant, you once
kept black-robed Furies
from young Orestes.
Protect our minds; purify us.
Teach initiates
mindfulness, moderation,
and good discipline.
Before you all is equal,
all is made sacred.
For you we endeavor now,
Phoibos Apollôn.


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