A Prayer to Horkos for the Fifth Lunar Day

On the fifth day of the lunar calendar (ending in a few hours), Horkos was born to Eris.

Here is a short prayer I wrote, and remember: read your obligations in every Terms of Service (typically the part with all-caps YOU or USER), baptism without consent is meaningless, and don’t sign or vow anything until you have thought through the implications and can accept them.

To Horkos

Horkos, child of Eris,
you who enforces oaths,
playmate of Dikê and Athênê,
chaser of the Erinyes’ serpents,
born on the fifth day
when the moon’s slim sliver
begins to fill with silvery brightness,
let us uphold our oaths.
Bestow on us the strength
to drive ourselves onward
in pursuit of our promises,
away from shameful perjury.
Purify us of what was vowed
without our firm consent.
Trapped in dark ignorance,
these spectral oaths dissolve as 
truth blazes sharply in our souls.
Grant us quick thought,
anticipating cause and effect,
so we may always be mindful,
even when unintended effects
shimmer like serpents in grass.


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