33: 3 Posts, 3 Categories

Triangulum Galaxy, Messier 33. Image from NASA.

does not come
from the sum of different
triangular numbers
and yet
its number crowns
Messier 33
whose common name
is the Triangulum Galaxy
delight, yes —
my hands cover
the smile

At the beginning of another year, I’m sharing three things in three categories from this blog. These are all pieces that were either really satisfying to do or that performed some function that was important.

Religious, non-hymn/prayer poems:

  • To Rule (it was just so fun)
  • Passing Down (some imagery in the first section was haunting, which is why I fleshed it out and wrote the rest of it)
  • Reflections as the World Falls Apart (I’ve been experimenting with the poetic form since then, and I’m so pleased at how this came out)

Prose blog posts:

Poems for cultic use:

I have read a lot and learned a lot since last June. I’ve written only a bit — between this blog and my writing projects, on the low side of a few hundred thousand words? It’s very easy for me to be harsh towards myself and claim that nothing much has been accomplished, that I know even less than I did when I started the year, that everything I have done is nothing more than throwing energy into a vortex, that it will not be useful to anyone, and that without that, it is worse than meaningless. The hard part is figuring out which parts of that harshness are based in fact and to what degree.

33, at least, is a pleasantly harmonious number because it folds upon itself. Harmony is the beginning of efficacy, yes?

May the Gods grant the best and most appropriate things to us all.


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